Social Responsibility

Our Ultimate Beneficiary

Social Responsibility is not just a key component of what we do; it is the ultimate beneficiary of our success.

The Tree of Life Foundation

The shares in SAAD are held by the Tree of Life Foundation, a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) in South Africa.

About the Tree of Life Foundation (TOL)

The Tree of Life Foundation’s mission is to build a substantial “endowment fund” from which qualifying charities in South Africa and Africa can be supported on a sustainable and predictable basis. In their experience, charities often find it difficult to do long-term strategic planning or to commit to longer-term projects, simply because their funding tends to be sporadic and short-term in nature.

TOL aims to invest funds in such a way that roughly 2.5% of this capital base can be distributed annually to selected charities, NGOs and ministries in accordance with the Tree of Life deed.

Via its donor-advised fund platform it also makes its expertise, systems and structures available to donors in South Africa and abroad. Donors can donate to TOL, while retaining advisory privileges on the donation, such as how it should be invested and which charities should ultimately benefit. The use of a donor-advised fund platform may lead to significant cost and tax savings, enabling charities to be supported more efficiently and effectively.